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For many successful families, preserving wealth is the top financial concern. You have worked hard for your money, and you want to effectively grow and preserve that wealth. Not primarily so that you can see that your wealth exists on a monthly investment statement—although that can be reassuring—but so that it can be there to help you and your family meet your challenges and fulfill the many goals that give your life meaning.

For most people, managing their investments to grow and preserve their wealth is the core financial task they face. Done well, investment management can provide the foundation for achieving a broad range of financial goals. Astute investment management requires you (or your financial advisor, should you choose to work with one) to deeply understand your most important challenges and then design investment strategies that reflect your time horizons for various goals and tolerance for risk. It also requires you to review your financial life on a regular basis so that you can make adjustments to the investment strategies as needed.

In this section, we offer the key steps and success drivers that can pave the way for you to successfully grow and preserve your wealth.