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Most financial advisors focus solely on investment management. As a successful individual, astute investment management is the foundation of your ability to address your most important goals. However, chances are that you need more than just assistance managing your investments. You need true wealth management: comprehensive, long-term attention to your entire range of financial concerns.

The benefits of wealth management:

A simpler, easier-to-manage financial life

Access to the knowledge and experience of a network of professional advisors

Assurance that all your major financial concerns are being addressed

All the financial advisors we work with use the wealth management approach. They work with their clients through a carefully designed consultative process that enables them to systematically address not just investment management, but also the major areas of financial concern beyond investments:

  • Wealth enhancement: Mitigating your tax burden
  • Wealth transfer: Taking care of your heirs
  • Wealth protection: Protecting your loved ones and your assets
  • Charitable giving: Maximizing the impact of your charitable gifts

Since no one person can be an expert in each of these complex areas, our financial advisors work with teams of professionals. These teams are structured to address the specific needs of the types of clients each financial advisor serves and frequently include a CPA, an attorney specializing in estate planning, an insurance specialist and other experts. The financial advisors work with their teams to derive and implement the optimal recommendations. Depending on the preference of their clients, they may do this in conjunction with the clients’ current professional advisors.

The consultative wealth management process used by each of our financial advisors looks like this:

Consultative wealth management process

At Financial Advisor Select, it’s our job to make it easy to manage your entire financial picture. That’s why we work only with financial advisors who provide this consultative wealth management process. Find out how we identify the financial advisors who are well-positioned to serve their clients well.