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We want you to be extremely confident that the financial advisor we introduce you to is fully qualified to address your specific wealth management concerns and will work to build a trusted, long-term relationship with you.

To ensure your confidence, every financial advisor we work with must go through a meticulous vetting and ongoing evaluation process:

1. Prequalification. We work only with financial advisors who are graduates or current participants in CEG Worldwide’s rigorous yearlong coaching program. CEG Worldwide—which is an affiliate of Financial Advisor Select—has coached top financial advisors for more than a decade. Every financial advisor CEG Worldwide coaches implements the consultative wealth management process we have described. By working only with these financial advisors, we are confident that you will enjoy a world-class experience.

2. Background check. For every financial advisor we consider working with, we conduct an extensive background check that includes these areas:

  • Social Security number trace
  • Verification of educational background
  • Verification of past and current employment
  • Verification of military record, if applicable
  • Consumer credit report
  • Check of motor vehicle records
  • Search for any bankruptcy record
  • Search for any criminal record
  • Search for corporate affiliations
  • Search for any Securities and Exchange Commission disciplinary actions
  • Search of civil records
  • Search for unreported liens
  • Social media profile

To conduct these background checks, we have engaged Scherzer International, (http://www.scherzer.com) a global advisory firm specializing in security and integrity issues. Scherzer International advises a range of clients, including law enforcement and national security agencies, leading global banks and private equity firms, major sports associations, and multinational corporations.

3. Ongoing evaluation. Once accepted to work with us, our financial advisors must undergo an annual due diligence check to uncover any changes in their status. Additionally, we conduct annual client satisfaction surveys to confirm that these financial advisors are continuing to delight their clients.

Vetting financial advisors is just the beginning. We want your financial advisor to be more than just qualified—we want him or her to be the right financial advisor for you and your family. Find out how we do this.

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